Department of Crop Sciences

Financial Aid

To apply for fellowships, assistantships, and tuition and fee waivers, prospective students should indicate their desire to be considered for financial aid on the admission application form. Credentials submitted with the form are used in determining financial aid.

Students already enrolled in the graduate program without financial aid from the University of Illinois may apply for financial assistance. Demonstration of exceptional ability in their studies and/or research activities is an important criterion in selecting students for available fellowships and assistantships.


Fellowships are awarded to graduate students in the Department of Crop Sciences in recognition of superior achievement and potential. Funding comes from a number of sources, each with specific criteria and opportunities.

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For example, the Jonathan Baldwin Turner (JBT) Graduate Fellowship is offered to support the academic and professional development of promising young scientists seeking a Ph.D. in agriculture. Other fellowships, such as the Pioneer and Ingersol Fellowships for students in plant breeding or genetics and the Troyer/Darwin Fellowship in corn breeding, are designated for specific areas of study. Most are awarded after a student has been accepted for graduate study and begun a degree program.


The Department of Crop Sciences offers part-time positions to study with departmental faculty on research, teaching, or extension activities. Research assistantships are offered based on availability of funds and space in an appropriate faculty member's laboratory. Teaching assistantships require meeting University standards of English language skills, excellent teaching potential, and competence in the area being taught.

These assistantships include an annual stipend and can be awarded at different levels of time commitment. In addition to the stipend, assistantships of at least one-quarter time carry a waiver of all tuition and most fees. These waivers are worth several thousand dollars over and above the stipend. The department will be pleased to provide current values for assistantships and waivers.

Other Employment

Students looking for other means of employment can seek information and assistance from the Office of Student Financial Aid. Those interested in nonacademic employment at the University of Illinois should contact Staff Human Resources.