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Bioinformatics/Molecular Biology

Bioinformatics/Molecular Biology

Incorporate biology, computer and information technology sciences to interpret life systems (genomic data).

Sustainable Food & Fuel Production Systems

Sustainable Food & Fuel Production Systems

Study interactions between agriculture and our environment to enhance food and fuel production. 

Landscape stewardship

Landscape Stewardship

Conserve, maintain and enhance ecosystems for the next generation.

Plant protection

Plant Protection

Learn how to manage diseases, insects and weeds to keep plants and the environment healthy.

Plant breeding and genetics

Plant Breeding and Genetics

Find new ways to improve plants to meet the growing demand for the world’s food supply.

Plant Your Future: Opportunities in Crop Sciences

Learn how Crop Sciences faculty and students are advancing science to meet the needs of a growing world population. read more...

Wes Barber stands in a field of crops
Feed Your World: Studying Plant Breeding at the U of I

Can we feed and clothe the world’s growing population while preserving or even improving ecosystem services and the natural environment? Wes Barber, a U of I graduate student in plant breeding, asks this question every day. read more...

Photo of a garden in a city
Sustain Your World: HORT 255 Multifuctional Landscapes

Imagine developing innovative landscape solutions to improve your environment and community read more...

Westen corn rootworm on corn
Help Your World: Western Corn Rootworm

The western corn rootworm is a story of resilience, flexibility and adaptation to many different management strategies. Its ability to develop resistance to transgenic corn was only a matter of time. read more...

Photo of miscanthus
Fuel Your World: DOE Grant to Develop Miscanthus

A $1.5 million grant from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) will pave the way to improving a major bioenergy crop, Miscanthus. read more...

Kristina Duran plays with some of the children from the village where we volunteThe 2012 HORT 464 Study Abroad group poses in Santiago, Guatemala, overlooking LVolcanos on the shore of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.Tahir Ibrahim working with Guatemalan crops.
Explore Your World: Crop Sciences Special Topics Abroad

U of I students often enhance their academics with special topics abroad. Classes include crop studies in Guatemala and Costa Rica. read more...

Change Your World: Illinois Soybean Association Scholars

Crop science students are learning how they can change their world through research and education. The Illinois Soybean Association is helping them reach their goals by awarding students up to $50,000 in scholarships. read more...

Amount of the U.S. processing pumpkin crop grown and processed in Illinois.
Average starting salary for bachelor’s degree students in crop sciences
Graduate student fellowships available
$10 million
Dollar value of U.S. commercial horseradish produced in Illinois. Control tactics developed at U of I saved this Illinois industry from an internal root discoloration problem caused by complex fungal pathogens.
All accepted graduate students are promised full support to complete their degree
Fellowships available in the Illinois Plant Breeding Center
Undergraduate students in crop sciences who complete at least one summer internship.
Master’s and Ph.D. students in the Department of Crop Sciences
Applicants to graduate program in the Department of Crop Sciences in 2010
Crop sciences undergraduate student job placement rate