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Maria Villamil
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Maria Villamil

Associate Professor
N-323 Turner Hall
1102 S. Goodwin
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 333-4690


Ph.D.: Crop Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — 2005
M.S.: Agricultural Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — 2007
M.S.: Agronomy, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina — 2000
B.S.: Agronomy, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina — 1995

Research Areas

Biometry - Statistics
Soil Quality
Sustainable Cropping Systems - Agroecology


Associate Professor Sustainable Cropping Systems. University of Illinois. Department of Crop Sciences. 09/09/09 to present.


CPSC 569 - Applied Bioinformatics. Co-Instructor. - CPSC 569 outline
CPSC 414 - Forage Crops and Pasture Ecology - CPSC 414 syllabus
CPSC 437 - Principles of Agroecology - CPSC 437 syllabus
CPSC 418 - Crop Growth and Management - CPSC 418 syllabus

Teaching Honors

List of teachers ranked as Excellent by their students, Summer 2014. CPSC 569.
List of teachers ranked as Excellent by their students, Summer 2013. CPSC 569.
List of teachers ranked as Excellent by their students, Summer 2012. CPSC 569.

Other Honors and Awards

Fulbright Fellow

Journal Articles

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Research Grants

Pittelkow C, ED Nafziger, and MB Villamil. 2015-2017. An agronomic assessment of soil nitrous oxide emissions in Illinois: Increasing nutrient utilization while reducing impacts on air quality. IL-NREC. $239,412.
Villamil MB and AH Silvis. 2014-2015. Trends in Illinois soybean production practices. Illinois Soybean Association. $49,989.
Villamil MB and ED Nafziger. 2014-2017. Updating NPK crop removal numbers for field crops in Illinois. IL-NREC. $379,040.
Villamil MB and ED Nafziger. 2014-2016. Measuring soil quality changes in corn and soybean rotations. IL-NREC. $136,100.
Nafziger ED, and MB Villamil. 2014-2016. Residue management, tillage, and nitrogen rate response in continuous corn. IL-NREC. $143,999.
Villamil MB, RC Bellm, D Bowman, R Higgins, A Peltier, R Cook, and ED Nafziger. 2012-2017. Agronomic and environmental assessment of cover crops in Illinois. IL-NREC. $1,036,555.
Rodriguez L, E Ballard, AR Green, T Meter, D Shike, and MB Villamil. 2013-2015. Management practices to improve the sustainability of integrated cattle and grain operations at the Dudley Smith Farm. Dudley Smith Initiative-ACES Office of Research. $306,000.
Nafziger ED, L Kull, and MB Villamil. 2010-2012. Yield Challenge data program. Illinois Soybean Association. $107,000.
Morton LW, Al-Kaisi M, Anex RP, JG Arbuckle,RW Arritt, B Basso, J Benning, JV Bonta, L Bowling, MJ Castellano, R Cruse, NR Fausey, J Frankenberger, P Gassman, L Grant, MJ Helmers, D Herzmann, EJ Kladivko, C Kling, A Kravchenko, R Lal, J Lauer, F Miguez, WW Miller, RH Moore, R Mullen, ED Nafziger, N Nkongolo, L Owens, P Owens, JE Sawyer, P Scharf, M Shipitalo, JS Strock, D Todey, J Tyndall, and MB Villamil. Climate Change, Mitigation and Adaptation in Corn-based Cropping Systems. 02/01/2011-01/31/2016. USDA NIFA AFRI CAP Regional Approaches to Climate Change Cropping Systems. $20 million [IL, 800,000]
Nafziger ED, S Ebelhar, and MB Villamil. Residue management for soybean establishment in no-till crop systems. 2011-2012. Illinois Soybean Association. $18,530.
Villamil MB, J Masiunas, and D Anderson. Alleviating soil compaction and improving weed suppression with multifunctional cover crops in organic grain production systems. 2011-2013. The CERES Trust. $175,693.
Gray ME, A Heinze Silvis, GA Bollero, and MB Villamil. BioFuels Research initiatives and extension, synergizing engagement with stakeholders. Energy Biosciences Institute. 2007-2010. $308,357.

Instructional Grants

Villamil MB, SL Rodriguez Zas, P Geddes, CW Riggins, and S Lubienski. 2015-2019. Multicultural investigators nurtured in data science -MINDS- in agriculture program. USDA National Needs Fellowship Program. $246,000.
Caetano-Anolles G, MB Villamil, S Rodriguez-Zas, and J Thompson. Undergraduate mentoring in New Biology with a focus on Latino students. 2010-2013. National Science Foundation NSF $662,500.