Department of Crop Sciences
Stephen Long
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Stephen Long

134 Institute for Genomic Biology
1206 W. Gregory Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 333-2487


Ph.D.: Plant Sciences, Leeds University, England — 1976
B.Sc.: Agricultural Botany, Reading University, England — 1972

Research Areas

To understand the limitations to C4 photosynthesis and the adaptation of the process to cooler climates.
Advance the development of accessible mechanistic mathematical models relating environmental effects on photosynthesis to plant productivity (see:
Establish the potential of mitigation of atmospheric change through the development of herbaceous energy crops.
To understand crop responses to global atmospheric and climate change.
To understand mechanisms of plant responses to both rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and tropospheric ozone, with particular reference to photosynthesis and relating changes at the molecular and biochemical level to observations of whole systems in the field.

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