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The Department of Crop Science is encouraging students to participate in Study Abroad as a way to broaden your horizons and enhance your university experience. The Department is willing to provide limited  financial support for Crop Science students to participate in Study Abroad programs. Such support will be provided on an individual basis. Here are two short-term Study Abroad opportunities that are based in the Department of Crop Sciences…

ACES in Brazil: Sustainable Agriculture

May 11-25, 2013
2013 will be the 5th year for this very popular trip. Spend a week on an organic coffee farm learning about the challenges and rewards of pursuing sustainability – ecologically, economically and socially. See first-hand the strengths and limitations of a local food system and how it can contribute to the sustainability of a community.  From the coffee farms we will go to Demetria near the city of Botucatu. Demetria is a sustainable community where you will learn about biodynamics, permaculture and how people living in an alternative community view the world and their relationship to it. Next we will visit Ilabella, a beautiful Island off the Atlantic coast of Brazil. There we will experience Brazilian culture and some fun time on one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. To learn more, go to ACES in Brazil: Sustainable Agriculture or contact Dan Anderson.

International Export Horticulture

Winter Break 2014
This trip is planned in conjunction with HORT 464 Export Horticulture Products taught each Fall semester in Crop Science. Every year the Fall course focuses on a different region of the world that produces horticulture products primarily for export to another region. Regions covered include Central America, East Africa and New Zealand and the Pacific Rim. The following winter break, a short-term study abroad trip is planned for that region to provide students first-hand experience of the production and marketing systems and cultures of the region. Taking the Fall course is not a prerequisite for the trip, but HORT 464 students do receive preference  in the application process. For more information, contact Dan Anderson.

Study Abroad College of ACES

One of only three colleges on campus that has its own study abroad program. There are many other ag and food related trips and opportunities. Find out more at the ACES Study Abroad Office, located at 123 Mumford Hall. Meredith Blumthal, the Director of ACES Study Abroad, is available to provide guidance. See the Study Abroad College of ACES website.

Study Abroad University of Illinois

Located at 115 International Studies Building, 910 S. Fifth St., MC-480, Champaign, IL 61820. Many resources can be found there for the student looking at Study Abroad.  The UI Study Abroad has informative videos and other resources to help you determine if study abroad is right for you and how to choose the right program.  It is a good place to start learning more about study abroad. The Study Abroad University of Illinois website.

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