Department of Crop Sciences

Student Life: Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Student Clubs

CPSC Ambassadors
Contact: Megan Ward, advisor (
Crop Sciences Ambassadors are undergraduate students majoring in Crop Sciences who participate in a range of activities to promote the department. The students come from diverse backgrounds and are enrolled in different undergraduate concentrations in the department. The Ambassadors are knowledgeable about Crop Sciences programs and about life as an undergraduate student at U of I.

Field and Furrow
Contact: Kris Heller, president (
To advance and disseminate knowledge concerning soil and crops; to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual helpfulness among students in Agronomy; to provide an opportunity for a wider acquaintance with the staff members in Agronomy; to cooperate with other chapters for the furtherance of the Science of Agronomy; to correlate activities in Agronomy with other closely related fields.

Horticulture Club
Contact: Maverick Woodside, president (
Horticulture Club’s goal is to foster the advancement of knowledge, the professional development of members, and to encourage good fellowship among students and faculty. The club actively promotes horticulture as a part of gracious living.