Department of Crop Sciences

Department Scholarships

Crop Science Scholarships

A.F. Crow
Qualifications: Academic merit, demonstrated interest in corn breeding and genetics or the seed corn industry.
Amount: $1000
M.E. Ensminger Scholarship
Qualifications: Academic achievement, leadership, character, extracurricular activities and financial need.
Amount: $500
John B. “Jack” Hanson Scholarship
Qualifications: For Crop Sciences majors, based on financial need.
Amount: $500-$800
E.C. Hoerner Scholarship
Qualifications: Academic merit, demonstrated leadership and service qualities, preference to resident of Livingston County.
Amount: $1000
Deadline: October 1
R.W. Howell Scholarship
Qualifications: Junior or senior standing, reared in a non-farm background.
Amount: $1000
A.L. Lang Scholarship
Qualifications: Junior or senior standing, academic record, demonstrated leadership, commitment to professional career in plant sciences.
Amount: $500
M.H. McVickar Award
Qualifications: Freshman to senior standing, academic record, character.
Amount: $500
D.A. Miller Scholarship
Qualifications: Sophomore or higher standing, academic merit, demonstrated leadership qualities, demonstrated interest in forages and grassland.
Amount: $500
Ted Peck Scholarship
Qualifications: Academic merit, junior or senior standing, interest in grain production, soil fertility management and crop nutrition.
Amount: $1500
Daniel E. and Joan Pfister Scholarship
Qualifications: Academic merit, demonstrated leadership, preference to resident of Woodford, McLean, or Livingston Counties.
Amount: $1000

Horticulture Scholarships

G. Victor Ball Horticulture Scholarship
Qualifications: Horticulture majors with a preference to floriculture or ornamental horticulture students.
Amount: $1000 (2)
Grace Bickelhaupt Memorial Award
Qualifications: Funded by Mr. Roy Bickelhaupt in honor and memory of his wife who had a life-long passion for ornamental horticulture.
Amount: $1000
Eugene S. Boerner Scholarship in Floriculture
Qualifications: Horticulture major studying floriculture.
Amount: $1000
Earl Dean Bork Horticulture Scholarship
Qualifications: Horticulture major with freshman standing, preference given to a student from Iroquois West High School, or Iroquois and adjacent counties.
Amount: $1000
The Garden Clubs of Illinois
Qualifications: Horticulture major, superior academic record.
Amount: $1000 (3)
Lyon W. Hartman Horticulture Scholarship
Qualifications: Horticulture major. Funds provided in memory of Mr. Hartman, a 1937 floriculture graduate.
Amount: $1000
Karl F. and Frances A. Helfrich Fund
Qualifications: Horticulture major, first preference given to the son or daughter of an immigrant. Funding provided by John Helfrich in honor of his parents.
Amount: $1500
Northern Illinois Horticulture Association Scholarship
Qualifications: Horticulture major, with preference to residents of Cook, DuPage and Lake counties.
Amount: $1000
Richard and Emily Pryor Scholarship
Qualifications: Horticulture major with high moral character, who demonstrates a commitment to the profession for which they are preparing. Funded by Marjorie Pryor Grein in honor of her parents.
Amount: $1500
Semsey Family Horticulture Scholarship
Qualifications: Horticulture major with high academic achievement. Funded by a trust established by  Vilma Semsey.
Amount: $2500
U of I Turfgrass Alumni Scholarship
Qualifications: Turfgrass scholarship funded by contributions from U of I alumni.
Amount: $1500
Orville and Freda Waddell Memorial Scholarship
Qualifications: A Horticulture major who has transferred to U of I. Established by Jim and Shirley Waddell in memory of his parents.
Amount: $1500
Ben Warren Scholarship
Qualifications: Turfgrass scholarship sponsored by Summit Seed.
Amount: $1000-$1500