Department of Crop Sciences


Advancing science to create innovative solutions to meet food and energy demands is a key focus of the Department of Crop Sciences. Faculty, students and research professionals are collaborating to advance our understanding of biology while responding to the needs of our growing world population.

Information discovered from the study of plants has provided many beneficial impacts to society. Since its founding in 1867 as a land-grant institution, the University of Illinois continues to fulfill its mission to “promote scientific investigation and experimentation respecting the principles and application of agricultural science.”

The Department of Crop Sciences has contributed many important discoveries to the disciplines of soil fertility, crop production, and plant genetics; each of which have been applied to increase the yields, nutritional quality, and environmental sustainability from a wide diversity of crops grown in Illinois and throughout the world.

Today, their research continues and spans fundamental biological studies of plants and plant pests, the impacts of management practices on crop yields and the environment, the development of improved crop varieties, and the improvement of horticultural crops that enhance our daily lives.