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Tahir Ibrahim

Tahir Ibrahim

It was an amazing experience. I stood on a lookout tower with a clear view of a valley covered with luscious green plants. Then a flock of parakeets flew through the valley, and words cannot describe how humbling it was to be a part of nature.
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High starting salaries. Stimulating careers. Multiple job offers. Professors who take an interest in your child. A family-away-from-home atmosphere within a Big Ten campus. High return on investment.

Crop Sciences: A Rich Future

A career in crop sciences could change our world. From improving plants to meet the growing demand for the world’s food supply, learning how to manage diseases, insects and weeds, studying interactions between agriculture and our environment to enhance food and fuel production, interpreting life systems through biology, computer and information technology, or conserving, maintain and enhancing ecosystems, crop science graduates are feeding the world.

Crop Sciences: A Place to Grow

  • 5 Major Areas of study covering plant breeding and genetics, plant protection, sustainable food and fuel production systems, bioinformatics/molecular biology, and landscape stewardship.
  • Nearly $2 million in scholarships are awarded each year in the College of ACES. Crop science students have the opportunity to compete for Illinois Soybean Association Scholarships that could result in up to $50,000 over four years.
  • Crop sciences graduates use molecular discoveries, technology and bioinformatics to make crop production more efficient and ultimately, provide more and better food for the planet.
  • The University of Illinois was rated third nationally by company recruiters for outstanding graduates in a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report.
  • Nearly all crop sciences graduates have at least two job offers upon graduation.
  • Graduation rate makes a big difference in the final tuition bill. U of I has the highest four-year graduation rate among Illinois universities with comparable programs and other Big Ten universities.