Department of Crop Sciences

Online Master's Degree

Persons who plan to pursue an advanced degree through online study can apply for admission to the Graduate College. If you are presently taking courses as a non-degree student, you can apply to Graduate College during the current semester to be effective for the next semester.

To apply for admission to the Graduate College, the student must complete several steps: 1) Complete and submit the application for admission to the Graduate College and pay the application fee to the Office of Admissions and Records by credit card. 2) Submit all required supporting credentials (including transcripts and three letters of recommendation) to the Department of Crop Sciences 3) Be accepted for study by the Crop Sciences Graduate Application Committee.

A degree candidate must complete 32 hours of graduate study approved by an advisory committee. At least 12 of the graded hours must be at the 500-level. No more than 4 hours of CPSC 593 courses can be counted towards the M.S. degree. If a student chooses, Independent Study (CPSC 593) may be conducted under the supervision of an advisor, the Online Graduate Studies Program Coordinator, or an approved faculty member. Independent Study may consist of a field, laboratory, or library research problem, conducted at the UIUC campus or an approved off-site location.c

A student admitted to the Graduate College is not required to enroll in a course each semester to maintain graduate student status; however, if you do not take a course for two semesters, you will be required to petition the Graduate College for re-admission to the masters program.

A minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00 is required by the Department of Crop Sciences to maintain admission in the program. Grades received in coursework completed from other institutions and accepted by the UIUC Graduate College through petition are not included in computation of the GPA after admission.

At the completion of all coursework, students will meet with their advisor and faculty advisory committee for a comprehensive oral exam. During the oral exam, a student will be expected to display proficiency in concepts covered in coursework completed during fulfillment of the degree requirement. Failure to pass the oral examination by unanimous decision will result in re-evaluation of the student's degree candidacy.

All graduate students are subject to University requirements governing time limitations for pursuing an advanced degree. A candidate for an M.S. degree must complete all requirements for the degree within five calendar years after initial registration in the Graduate College. Remember, students can take up to 12 hours of coursework prior to applying for admission to the Graduate College. At the current time, these courses are not factored into the time limitation for completion of degree requirements.