Department of Crop Sciences

Graduate Fellowships & Awards

  • M. B. Russell Memorial Award
  • William B. and Nancy L. Ambrose Fellowship in Crop Sciences
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred Fellowship in Plant Breeding
  • J. C. Hackleman — Illinois Crop Improvement Association Graduate Fellowship
  • F. W. Slife Graduate Fellowship in Weed Science
  • Brockson Graduate Fellowship
  • Ingersoll Graduate Fellowship
  • Kraft — Frerichs Graduate Fellowship
  • Jonathon Baldwin Turner Graduate Fellowship
  • Crow’s Hybrid Corn Company Scholarship
  • The Ainsworth Family Endowment in Crop Sciences Fellowship
  • Richard L. Bernard Soybean Improvement Award
  • W. L. Burlison Memorial Award
  • Fred Clute Memorial Award
  • Richard H. and Elizabeth C. Hageman Endowed Graduate Research Fellowship
  • A. L. Lang and S. R. Aldrich Award
  • Samuel R. Aldrich Fellowship
  • Monsanto Fellows in Plant Breeding
  • The Lawrence E. Schrader and Elfriede Massier Plant Physiology Fellowship
  • MINDS in Ag Program
  • IRRI - University of Illinois PhD Fellowships
  • University of Illinois Crop Sciences-International Rice Research Institute Lee Rice Research Fellowships for PhD students from Southeast Asia

For more information on Graduate Fellowships and Awards, please contact S. Dianne Carson (e-mail