Department of Crop Sciences

Graduate Program

Investing in advanced education in the Department of Crop Sciences is investing in the efficiency and sustainability of tomorrow's agriculture. It is a commitment to excitement and a license to explore.

Creative experiences are boundless when you opt for advanced education in the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois. We offer advanced degree programs tailored to your specific interests that will prepare you for enriching and stimulating careers with a spectrum of public and private organizations in a global agricultural industry.

Our graduate degree recipients hold positions of leadership throughout the world. Our degree programs provide state-of-the-science education to match nearly every interest and career aspiration in crop sciences.

Department faculty is positioned at the leading edge of a growing knowledge base in crop sciences. We are committed to providing you with a nurturing environment for personal and professional growth.

Illinois Plant Breeding Center

As a graduate student in the Illinois Plant Breeding Center, you'll learn how to function in a team-based research environment of international dimensions. In this collaborative plant breeding program, you'll find a practical route for focusing on projects relevant to key issues and industry interests.