Department of Crop Sciences
Randall Nelson
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Randall Nelson

Professor of Plant Genetics
232 National Soybean Res Ctr
1101 West Peabody Drive
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 244-4346

Primary Disciplines


Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Illinois
M.S. Production and Physiology, Iowa State University
B.S. Agricultural Science, South Dakota State University

Journal Articles

Pandurangan Sudhakar, Agnieszka Pajak,Stephen Molnar, Elroy Cober, Sangeeta Dhaubhadel, Cinta Hernández-Sebastià, Randall L. Nelson, Steven C. Huber, and Frédéric Marsolais. 2012. Journal of Experimental Botany (in press)
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Conference Articles

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Contributed Chapters

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Invited Lectures

The Role of Exotic Germplasm in Breeding for Increased Seed Yield. Michigan State plant breeding symposium, 2011.
Public and Private Partnerships in Soybean Germplasm Utilization. Monsanto Seminar, Ankeny, IA, 2011.
Reasons to Change How You Think About Germplasm. Plant Science Department, SDSU Seminar, Brookings, SD, 2011.
The Genetic Contribution to Higher Soybean Yield. Indiana Certified Crop Advisers Conference, Indianapolis, 2011.
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