Department of Crop Sciences
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Plant Breeding and Genetics

Find new ways to improve plants to meet the growing demand for the world’s food supply. Our researchers at the Illinois Plant Breeding Center are using the latest advances in technology to uncover how different genes work and what science can do to improve plants for the future.

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Stephen Moose

Understanding genes and how they function provides insights into the genetic changes that contributed to the dramatic increases in crop yields during the 20th century, and will lead to new approaches that further improve crops to meet growing world demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel.  

“My research program aims to discover genes that enable sustainable increases in productivity of corn and related crops such as sorghum and Miscanthus that will be used for bioenergy. We use the latest advances in biology to understand which genes are important and how they function to improve yields with less fertilizer inputs, enhance the nutritional or processing qualities of corn grain, or simply allow plants to grow bigger,” Moose said.