Department of Crop Sciences

Crop Agribusiness

The perfect blend of business and agriculture, learn about agronomic production and business through classes in plant sciences and finance and management of agricultural enterprises.
Did You Know...

All of the major Midwest agronomic companies employ at least one U of I Crop Sciences graduate.

  • Crop Agribusiness students are in highly sought after for their dual-focus in crop sciences and business.
  • Students interested in graduate work continue their education in plant sciences or business-related disciplines.
  • Prepares students for a career in crop production and marketing, crop management systems, and many sectors of the agribusiness industry.
  • Graduates from this concentration pursue careers as crop consultants, business and farm managers, land appraisers, land use planners, and marketers of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and seed.

Career Opportunity

Blair Bruns

Blair Bruns

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