Department of Crop Sciences

Biological Sciences

Go behind the scenes with science and plants to discover gene development, cellular functions, plant growth, and plant interactions in the environment.
Did You Know...

More than 25% of Crop Sciences undergraduates pursue additional education.

  • Biological Sciences allows students to explore their curiosity for science through courses in biology, chemistry, and plant genetics.
  • Offering the most science courses, Biological Sciences is designed for students planning to attend graduate school.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research projects alongside faculty members, gaining laboratory research experience.
  • Graduates earn advanced degrees in the sciences and ultimately work in research laboratories, academia, and medical fields.

Career Opportunity: Research Assistant

Vance Knauer

Vance Knauer

The best part of this job is working outside and knowing that this research contributes to the betterment of the world’s food production.