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Stephanie Porter

Stephanie Porter

Most rewarding of my U of I experiences are the friendships that I have made throughout the years.

Stay connected. Provide leadership. Find opportunities to network. Engage. Provide leadership. Support ACES. Help others. Make a difference. Invest in the next generation of crop sciences students.

A Rich Future

Our crop sciences alumni are changing the world. From improving plants to meet the growing demand for the world’s food supply, learning how to manage diseases, insects and weeds, studying interactions between agriculture and our environment to enhance food and fuel production, interpreting life systems through biology, computer and information technology, or conserving, maintain and enhancing ecosystems, crop science graduates are feeding the world.

  • The University of Illinois was rated third nationally by company recruiters for outstanding graduates in a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report.
  • Graduation rate makes a big difference in the final tuition bill. U of I has the highest four-year graduation rate among Illinois universities with comparable programs and other Big Ten universities.

Giving Back

Making an investment in Crop Sciences is a great way to support our ongoing research, teaching and outreach activities of the department.

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